Help Us to Preserve the Environment

Aware of our duty to offer an ecologically responsible tourism development model; Coco Island affirms its commitment to promote practices aimed at reducing the negative impacts on its social, cultural, environmental and economic environment.


We invite our visitors to preserve and protect our vacation spot:



– Do not leave any kind of trash behind in an open area

– Sort your garbage. You will find colored bins located near the entrance to guide you: o Green bins for common and organic waste o Yellow bins for recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, plastics and metal) o Bins on the ground for glass

– Use your cup instead of plastic cups

– We use environmentally friendly cleaning products



– Turn off the taps and do not let the water run unnecessarily – Use the toilet water saver

– Do not throw toxic or paints in the toilets – Please report any water leaks



– Turn off the lights when leaving the room. Turn off any devices you are not using.

– Make responsible use of air conditioning : o Make sure to close doors and windows well when using it o Turn off the air conditioning when you leave the room



– Fishing in the lagoon is NOT allowed

– It is prohibited to walk on or break corals – DO NOT go over the corals with kayaks or boats

– Please opt for the use of long-sleeved shirts for swimming rather than the use of sunscreen. Every year 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen are dumped on coral reefs.

– Please be conscious and smart!! DO NOT take corals from the lagoon on your suitcase.